Extracted from an article in the August issue of The Rotarian
Rotary Club of Basse Terre, Guadeloupe
After Dominique Vénéré became governor of District 7030 in July 2018, she got a crash course in international relations and comparative politics. Her district encompasses southern Caribbean islands and several South American countries, and it has a mix of mostly French and English speakers.

“I soon realized how different Guadeloupe, which is still part of France, is from other former colonies such as Antigua and Barbuda and Guyana,” she says. “Now I am ready to develop relationships with the surrounding countries rather than remaining turned toward France
and Europe.”

As district governor, Vénéré had the opportunity to meet with heads of state. After Hurricane Maria, she talked at length with Dominica’s president, Charles Savarin, about recovery efforts as well as other economic and societal issues. To top it off, she also attended the country’s festivities for the 40th anniversary of its independence.
“Hearing the crowd in a stadium sing their national anthem sent shivers down my spine.”