On Saturday June 29th the members of the Rotaract Club of Gros Islet were busy attending a workshop facilitated by Chair Tzarmallah Haynes-Joseph of the Rotary Satellite Club of Saint Lucia Sunset.  This activity ran until 1,00pm after which some members delivered a hamper to a young mother of four who, although she has a job at a down town restaurant, is unable to make ends meet.    What we found was a family living in appalling conditions.  The basic structure of the house, which the mum inherited from a relative, is sound but it is termite infested and the roof leaks and needs replacing.  The back door consists of pallet wood, nailed in place to pose as a closed door, although the termites have eaten out some of the boards.   There is no furniture in the house and the family sleeps in one room on matrices on the floor these are elevated on pallets to keep them dry when the roof leaks.  Being cognizant that Rotary tries to be strategic in selecting projects that are more impactful, the Rotaractors present would like to open a discussion on how the Rotary family may be able to assist in making the life of the young girls more acceptable.  As individuals do we as humanitarians wish to get involved to assist this family?