On Tuesday February 6th RCGI turned out yet another excellent meeting.  PP and VP Jonathan Everett took the chair as we welcomed a number of visiting Rotarians and guests.
Past President Malcolm (RCSL) brought PP June Snowdon (Visiting) who received a banner from VP Jonathan
While our friend Linda Norris from Southhampton also exchanged bannersGregg and Vi Jongeling from RC Brookings, South Dakota joined in the fun and also exchanged banners IPP Astrid introduced her guest, Dr. Becky JnBaptiste and PP Lisle introduced his guests, Natalie and Amory Jervis, Jamaicans living and working in Saint Lucia
The meeting was treated to a screening of RIPE Barry Rassin's address to the incoming District Governors in San Diego.  RIPE Barry introduced his theme for 2018/2019 which is 
RIPE Barry invited the Governors Elect to: engage in Love - embracing Rotarians and their families and the community, remembering always that Rotarians are the engine of Rotary and should be treated with respect and given the tools to do their work; Bring Energy and enthusiasm to the table as these elements are essential if they are to inspire ; he also called on them to be Audacious and to believe that nothing is impossible; and finally  show Proof  - Lead by example.  He referred to this as the LEAP to leadership.
Rotarians are leaders. Strong , knowledgeable and fair leadership is critical to attracting and maintaining quality members in Rotary.
The full speech can be watched on YouTube