On Tuesday September 5th RCGI enjoyed an "off site" lunch at the Sandals Saint Lucia Golf Club.
Wonderful to welcome Rtn. Julie Bonnet from RCSL and Rtn. Lenny Cumberbatch from RC Nassau Sunrise.  President Angela's guest was Mrs. Paulene Medar .  PP Judy brought along the remnants of her Birthday cake and we sang happy belated birthday to her.  Rtn. Vana Prewitt joined us to make her the first member of Rotary Satellite Club of Gros Islet South, Saint Lucia to attend our meeting.  She is of course a member of RCGI which is the peculiarity of the Satellite Club.  Great to see Vana and we hope to see more of our southern family in the near future.
On Thursday September 9th The Rotary Satellite Club of Gros islet South held its first meeting after formation.
They are planning their first fundraiser for September 30th in the form of a Flea Market with entertainment and sale of food and drink.  Please let Chair Shermie or Rtn. Melissa know what you can donate to the sale.  You can log on to Club Runner and find all of the contact details there.
Lots of great fellowship after the meeting and an official photo shoot!