Posted by Trudy Glasgow
Why I love evening meetings...
by Trudy O. Glasgow, Secretary, RCGI 2018-2019
June is Fellowship month and so it is the perfect time to talk about our evening meetings. President Lenita Joseph initiated this in
February or March 2019. After board and membership approval, it was agreed to experiment with evening meetings alternating every

At first, members had to get used to the new venue and time. Parking isn't the best and meetings didn't start promptly at 6pm as there was
no way to gauge the traffic from the north or town to get to Windjammer.

As the weeks rolled by, more members attended the evening meetings than the lunch meetings. They even stayed on after the
evening meetings were concluded for fellowship and fun. The atmosphere is less rushed because we don't have to think about
rushing back to the office for appointments or meetings. It is the end of the day, so we sit back and relax a little longer.

It turns out the location proved more central for most. I am not shy about stating that the Sandals golf club is more convenient for me as
I live and work nearby. However, once I have navigated the traffic and got to Windjammer early enough to secure a parking spot, I settle in
and enjoy the evening.

The buffet started as light finger foods and now replaces dinner. There are drinks available, and the staff are on hand willing to help.
So do evening meetings get my vote? Absolutely! I have noted an improvement and attendance from members and a clear preference
by most. Our new Rotarians have indicated that it is easier to attend meetings at the end of the day, rather than in the middle of it. If we
are serious about attracting more members, we must embrace change and consider making evening meetings a permanent fixture for our