Members make personal donations towards assisting the victims of Tropical Storm Erika that left hundreds homeless.  Stand by as PDG David Edwards is spearheading a major relief project  for Dominica at the Zone level.  We are standing by to lend our support to this initiative.
The members of the Rotary Club of Gros Islet have made donations exceeding $4,500 toward the Dominica relief fund.  The Club has committed to contribute, and together we expect to send at least as much as we sent to assist the Rotary Club of Port Vila, Vanuatu (approximately $10,000) in the wake of Cyclone Hyan back in May this year.  RCGI also made a sizable contribution to Rotary in Nepal after the last devastating earthquake
The Rotary Clubs in Saint Lucia drew down on the Disaster fund to send an initial $10,000 to help out in the immediate aftermath of the storm.  The authorities in Dominica have warned that they are not in a great position to control the distribution and have specified that it is preferable to send the cash as this will also help to stimulate the local economy.  The free food and clothing as well as all the other supplies mean that the local stores are unable to sell much resulting in job lay offs etc. 
Assistance was given to an injured Dominican who had severe fractures in one leg.