Last week, we were unable to publish our eBulletin as our website mysteriously disappeared.  This was rescued by PP Matt shortly after the week end but alas it was too late to produce this eagerly sought after publication.  
At our lunch meeting on April 2nd we were delighted to welcome Dr. Rachel Thwaites Williams, a lecturer at AMU which is a medical university based here in Saint Lucia.  Rachel is a Jamaican who has relocated to Saint Lucia, having married a Saint Lucian.Seen here next to Rtn. Dr. Becky Jno. Baptiste, Rachel was the winner of the raffle prize this week.  We were also pleased to welcome PP Peter Douch  (RC Wimborne, UK) and his wife Josaphine, both regular visitors to our club.  PP Peter is a regular visitor to both Rotary clubs in Saint Lucia and also the Satellite club in the South. By circumstance, yours truly chaired the meeting and we had some lively and mostly constructive discussion. 
On April 9th we met at Windjammer Landing for our by-weekly evening meeting.  This week we had an interesting guest speaker in the person of Rotarian, Dr. Roger Hosein (headline photograph).  Rtn. Roger is a senior lecturer at University of the West Indies, and a member of Point a Pierre Rotary club, South Trinidad.  He is working on a project for the CDB on renewable energy and gave an enlightening address on the subject.   Roger pointed to the transformational discoveries of crude oil deposits in the Caribbean region which will inevitably drive the cost of crude lower, but cautioned that the region should consider increasing exponentially, the renewable energy capability in order to reduce the strain on balance of payments from importation of fuel.  Renewable energy also assists in creating climate change resilience.  The approach by the local electricity company was lamented by many as there is no incentive for citizens to invest in renewable energy.  It is hoped that the government will come on board and make investment is alternative energy more attractive.
In spite of a low turn out by members, we had reasonable attendance due to a number of visitors.  We were delighted to welcome Dr. Rachel Thwaites- Williams again, along with Noella Sankar from Good News; PP Sheila Breitenstein (formerly a member of RCGI now living in the US); Perdita Royer who found us through Membership leads on the Rotary International website; President Nominee Richard Spalding (RC Winchester, UK) - also a regular visitor; Jena Flavien - a regular visitor and prospective member; and Rtn. Mary Dix our dear friend from RC Saint Lucia.
PN Richard gave us an update on what is happening in his club.  Evidently Rotary is going through considerable change in the UK and specifically in RC Winchester.  By all accounts the club is an extremely active and progressive one and we are lucky to be on their radar, thanks in large measure to Rtn. Richard.  
We got a brief update on the Prosthetic limb project.  RC Winchester donated £2,000 to the project and collected and shipped a number of used prosthetic limbs , which arrived in Saint Lucia the previous week.  These were consigned to the Ministry of Health on behalf of the National Society for Persons with Disabilities.  RCGI paid for the training of technicians, themselves amputees, with a view to making prosthetic limbs available more widely on island.  The provision of this service will assist amputees to live a more productive life with  greater dignity.