"Old Muscle Better than No Muscle"

When PP Bobby heard PP Leathan's less than charitable comment about the average age of the Rotarians who came out to help offload the container, he jovially retorted that "old muscle was better than no muscle".  Now I am not sure if PP Bobby was suggesting that PP Leathan was either old, or had no muscle, but between us we had a great time and supported by Young President Leevie Harelle and Rtn.Sean Devaux (borderline PP Konrad) and a couple of  "young " men sent by PP Joe to take his place, the older (not by any means old) guard got the job done in an impressive three hours.
Saturday July 13th a troop of Rotarians, including your editor, showed up at the Rodney Bay Boat Yard to destuff the 40 foot container of wheelchairs.  These chairs were purchased by the Hotel & Tourism Association's Tourism Enhancement Fund   The World Wheelchair Foundation  provided logistical support and ensured that the best price was obtained while the Rotary Clubs on the island will ensure that the chairs are distributed to those who need them most.
Wednesday July 17th there will be a formal presentation ceremony at St. James Club at 10.00 am.  Rotarians are invited to attend.
This is a great example of partnerships for the benefit of the community.  This is exactly what Rotary has been encouraging as we recognize that we cannot make the deep impact that we know  is required, without the support of others who share the same objectives as we do.  Together we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change...
We owe a debt of gratitude to Rodney Bay Boat Yard for allowing us to destuff the container in their secure yard and for storing a large number of the wheelchairs in a storage container in the yard.  Thanks go the Boat Yard manager Milton Mc Kensey  for assisting us to open the container and for driving the forklift.
Thanks also go to Rtn. Dahlia and Ramco Plastics for storing approximately half of the wheelchairs.  Partnerships again!