I was privileged to visit the Rotary Club of New Providence, Nassau on Tuesday May 14th, along with District 7020 DGN Charles Sealy  of RC East Nassau.  President Moreno Hamilton and my fellow Rotarians made me feel extraordinarily welcome and I was even asked to speak, which I did - briefly.
The meeting opened in familiar fashion but President Moreno focused members attention on the Global vision of Rotary in his opening remarks - nice touch.  The 4Way Test has become the five way test with the final question being - Is it FUN.
Being Youth Service Month, members of the Rotaract club of New Providence were in attendance.   The speaker was a young man named Joey  Gaskins.  He was provocative and entertaining as he stood in defense of Millennials, who he posited are being given a bad rap by the old people.  The older generation he maintains, has failed the youth by ignoring key factors such as climate change and ensuring that the youth have access to education regardless of economic background.  He maintains that all those over 58 years of age have lost their right to vote as they have demonstrated such poor judgement in their lives.  All this delivered in a cordial atmosphere, drew applause and many questions.  The quality of the presentation was valuable. 
That was a Rotary meeting that we all left feeling that we got great value in exchange for our time.