Fifth Tuesday Fun and Fellowship

President Lenita Pins PP Angela with her Paul Harris Fellowship Recognition.
Partner in Service Ravina, PP Matt, PP Tim Moffat (RCSL) & PP Konrad (RCSL).  Great to see Rtn. Timmy - long time no see at our meetings bro!
PP Konrad won the Raffle Prize
Rtn. Marie; Rtn Becky & Rtn Maggie
Sec. Trudy counting the cash; Pres. Lenita checking her bag; PE Joel making a proclamation; and Visitor Jenna completely bemused.
Pres. Lenita hands over the 2017/2018 Rotary citation to PP Angela while Rtn Lenny bombs the photo.

Members and Guests Enjoying the Fellowship

Rtn Lenny; PP Angela's Daughter Tuscina; PP Angela; Rtn Ty; Rtn. Marie all having a laugh at whatever it was that Pres. Lenita was up to.
PP Angela's granddaughter visited to see granny receive her PHF
Secretary Trudy's guest Rupert Lay beside Rtn. Trudy (still counting the cash) and Pres Lenita (still carrying out an inspection of her bag).
Dr. Rachel Thwaites Williams (guest of PP Lisle) & Rtn. Dr. Becky Jno. Baptiste share a moment of levity and fellowship.
On this occasion, Pres. Lenita rolled out a Rotary knowledge BINGO which proved to be quite fun (if you did not take yourself too seriously).
After members of the club who were in Guadeloupe gave brief accounts of their experiences at the conference, which were both amusing and informative, Pres Lenita issued "BINGO cards" to everyone.  On the cards were past RI themes and the first round was to guess the year that these applied to.  The second Round was a BINGO with the President drawing themes from a hat and we had two winners in the persons of Jenna and Tuscina (I think)  their grand prize was a bottle of water that they were asked to share!
President Richard Spalding of Winchester Rotary (Club), on his final visit with us for this trip, was his usual buoyant self  and we were pleased to welcome Rtn Ernest back after his vacation.  Sitting next to Rtn. Ernest is President Curtly of Rotaract club of Gros Islet.  We wish PN Richard safe travels and speedy return.  Many thanks again for the support of Winchester Rotary (Club) which has assisted with supports for children with muscular issues; a wheel chair for Kevin Jn. Baptiste and used prosthetic limbs for the project in support of the prosthetic limb workshop .
Excellent evening of fellowship.  Remember that evening meetings start at 6.00pm with half an hour of fellowship.  The fifth Tuesday is intended to be a special activity that will run longer than the usual hour and a half.
Big thank you to Rtn. Lenny and the staff of Windjammer for an outstanding supper.