Are you engaged as  Rotarian?  I found the following graphic when I was contemplating the subject and thought I would use it to frame the discussion in todays bulletin.
I particularly noticed the nomenclature of "barely logged in" as it reminded me of myself when my younger friends, when visiting, stay past my bedtime and I am accused of "buffering" as I participate intermittently in the conversation while resting my eyelids.  
Is your engagement on autopilot? Or are you transformative in your engagement?
Consider if you will, the following simple definition of engagement:  – When people invest time/ energy/ money in exchange for value - they are engaged.  This definition presumes that one gets value in exchange for investment of time, energy and/or money.  That begs the question - what is your perception of value?  Do you get value out of your membership in Rotary, and in particular from your membership in your Rotary club?  How does your membership bring value to you?  What is your expectation and has that expectation been met and surpassed as a result your investment?
Do you share the vision of Rotary International - We see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change - across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves ?  If you do, does your club live this vision? Are we together and are we united?  Are we taking action to create lasting change?
The good news is that once we are prepared to be engaged, we can be the change agents that will create the change that we want to see.  We all joined Rotary for a reason, but we did not all join for the same reason.  This is really good news as it is the very diversity of thought that makes Rotary such a dynamic organization.  Every Rotarian has strengths and weaknesses, it is the job of our leaders to amplify the strengths and recognize the weaknesses.  As a united team, we work together to support each other, not to promote self to patronize belittle others.  This is what true engagement is all about.
Rotary Connects the World.  What does this mean to you?  RI President Elect is clear that this is the essence of engagement.  The very connection will create deep and lasting friendships if we are true to the spirit of Rotary, if we are Rotarians at heart.  There is nothing to be gained from being a member of Rotary, without being engaged, being a true Rotarian.  So join the discussion, if you align your vision, your purpose, with the vision of Rotary, you will, arrive at the point of engagement.