Posted by D. Lisle Chase on Jun 30, 2019
The year is now over, at least from midnight tonight it is.  I wish to congratulate President Lenita and her team for successfully navigating the obstacles and challenges of the current Rotary year, and I wish to wish PE Joel and his team, good luck as we go forward with resolve to make this new Rotary year the best year ever for RCGI.  Every president takes the reigns with a sense of pride and resolve to do their best, to make a difference, to be the inspiration to their members and to deliver on the goals set by the team.  Last year was no different and this year coming will be also.
Members, it is up to us to support the president and team in the coming year so that they can deliver and meet and better our expectations for our club.  Remember, we are the little club that CAN.  We are a group of like minded business and professional persons who have come together to fellowship and to do good in the world.  In order to achieve our ultimate goal, we must be positive, we must know that there are solutions to every challenge and seek to find common ground to resolve differences.  In this year ahead, we plan to grow the membership and to enrich the member experience, remember that you are a part of that experience.  We can only deliver a great value proposition if we all come on board, celebrate our diversity and rely on Rotary's core values of fellowship, integrity, service and leadership to strengthen our club.  Let us leave the destructive negativity out of our Rotary lives, trust me we will all be much happier and fulfilled if we hitch our wagons to the star of positivity.
The coming year must be one of fellowship.  We must connect with all of our Rotary family as we prepare to host first, the governor handing over in June next year and then the District conference in April 2021.  I am reminded by Conference chair Konrad that he received virtually zero response to his request for Rotarians to indicate their commitment to assisting with the conference logistics - a huge undertaking.  This next year and a bit should galvanize us as Team Rotary, much like the disaster that was Hurricane Tomas in 2010 galvanized us as one Rotary.  So let us have fun together as we work to deliver service to our community and build the bonds that make us Rotarians.
As I close out this year and move on to being your DG Elect. I will continue to serve the club as Treasurer and in whatever way I can.  I am looking forward to passing on the role of bulletin editor to others who have indicated that they may be able to assist.  It is up to you, if you think that the bulletin adds nothing, then it will cease in the very near future.  If however members feel that there is value, then you will come together to take it over and continue to provide members with timely information relevant to members and Rotarians as well as our sponsors and Rotary partners.  The bulletin is both inward facing and outward facing, it is in my humble opinion, a valuable tool for informing all stakeholders of what we do.  Over to you.