The Conference Planning Committee under the chairmanship of PP Konrad Wagner has started to define roles and responsibilities for home based Rotarians.  Given the enormity of the task at hand, the committee sent out an email to every Rotarian in Saint Lucia, defining a number of areas of responsibility, seeking volunteers to own various roles.   The list is not exhaustive but every role, no matter how small needs an owner who will deliver without fail and on time in order for us to deliver a District Conference that attendees will enjoy and gain maximum benefit from.
Please refer to the list below and contact Konrad at We need Rotarians to plan to take some time off work for the period of the conference in April 2021.  April 19th to 25th  This is going to be an ALL HANDS ON DECK period for us.

Activity                                                                                                                                                                                                     Coordinator


Conference Registration                                 

Registration On Line System                           


  • Shirts, welcome bag and content     pens, pads, mug?, shirt, island info etc.
  • Gifts for Special Guests 
  • Conference Program and Theme  …ideas welcome?…Green?…”Sustaining Rotary in a Sustainable World”….

                                                              or “Rotary leading a Sustainable World”  and make it a “green” conference

  • Conference Book content sponsorship 
  • Rotary Flags , Conference Feather Banners 
  • Conference Road Banners, Banners for Venues, Digital Banners   
  • Conference Hotel   
  • Accommodations liaison   
  • Or/and conference venues   ……. Events Saint Lucia, “Tents” 
  • VIP Accommodation, care, protocol (orders), anthems, invited dignitaries, RI Rep., seating, etc.        PP Albert…..
  • Program for partners in service and Excursions                    
  • Airport transfers and Conference transportation 
  • Sunday 19th
  • Monday 20th
  • Tuesday 21st
  • Wednesday 22nd
  • Thursday 23rd
  • Friday 24th
  • Saturday 25th
  • Sunday 26th                  
  • Immigration and Police coordination, airport desks, security, traffic etc.   
  • Lead Sergeant at Arms       
  • IT, audio visuals (English and French)   
  • Presentations and conference communications   .
  • French simultaneous translation for 2 conference days  
  • Speakers and entertainment 
  • Technical support for lighting, A/C, sound wifi; charging facilities etc.  
  • Venues set up for meetings and catering 
  • Plenary and breakout sessions          Conference Secretariat and registration support    
  • Guide and promotion Jazz in advance and during conference
  • Hospitality Suite Host  Yacht Club?.                                  

 Specific events

  • PETS opening and closing “ceremonies” 
  • Conference opening and closing ceremonies   
  • Medical facilities  …health station and Ambulance at all events, Doctor on call 
  • Golf outing / tournament 
  • Boat ride   

And any other we cannot think of right now