On Saturday June 22nd. at the joint celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Rotary Club of St. Kitts and the official handing over ceremony of Governor 2018/2019 to Governor 2019/2020, there was an atmosphere of great pride and fellowship.  Pride, because the Governorship of District 7030 was about to return to the small twin island state of St. Kitts & Nevis for the first time in nearly thirty years, and fellowship because the Rotarians of Saint Kitts, are among the most hospitable in the world.
The Rotary Club of Saint Kitts was Chartered in 1969, before the Caribbean was even recognized as a Rotary District.  In 1973 the Caribbean Clubs all met in St. Kitts (not a District Conference as there was no District) and within a year District 404 was borne. This mega District covered the entire Caribbean and proved to be unmanageable.   The District was divided into two and on July 1st 1992 the District as we know it, was renumbered as District 7030.  This was the same year that the late Alfred (Freddie) Lam of the Rotary Club of St. Kitts was District Governor.  So St. Kitts can rightfully say that PDG Freddie Lam was the first Governor of District 7030.
Among the 170 persons in attendance at the ceremony, were the Prime Minister of St. Kitts, Dr. Timothy Harris, six Rotarians from RC Antigua, four Past District Governors and the DGN (yours truly).  In addition to interesting addresses by DG Dominique, DGE Trevor and PP Charles Wilkin, who gave a history of the club, to very special residents of St. Kitts were honoured as Paul Harris Fellows along with two members of the RC Antigua who were in attendance.
All agreed that we had a wonderful year as we tried to live up to RI President Barry Rassin's charge to BE THE INSPIRATION.  We were reminded of the Vision of Rotary international: "Together we see a world where people unite, and take action to create lasting change - across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves".  DG 2019/2020, Trevor reminded us of his District goals and in particular his focus on Youth at Risk and Diabetes.
After the official part of the meeting, there was, surprise, surprise, good music and dancing.  A great event that stands out in my memory because of the wonderful hospitality that we, the visitors received.  We were picked up at the airport, taken to our hotel where we mingled and chatted in the time that it took to check in.  We were picked up for the function and returned to our hotel.  The next morning DGE Trevor and Michele joined us for breakfast and President Leah was there to ensure that we got to our flights on time.  True Rotary fellowship and wonderful hospitality.  
The bar has been set high for us to follow next year and the year after.  I know we will meet this challenge in exemplary fashion.

Official Handing Over From DG Dominique to DG Trevor

DG Dominique gracing the Chain of Office before handing over to DG Trevor
DGE Trevor and his wife Michele preparing for their new roles as District Governor of District 7020 and First Lady.
DG Dominique happily fixing the chain of office of the District Governor, around the neck of DG Trevor Blake
DG Trevor Blake addressing the gathering at Carambola, the venue for the handing over in Saint Kitts
Just a few photos that I managed to snag which do not fully capture the moment but which tell a story.
Governors, Past , Present and Future
President Leah Crag-Chatterton graciously allowed me to take a selfie with her. 
The French Connection
PDG Elwin (with his Gal a Rush Me hair cut) chatting with the future Governor and First Lady
And of course breakfast with PDG Roger!!