People of Action Fellowship

With over thirty Rotarians, Partners in Service, Rotaractors and friends present we were treated to a menu that included conch salad; grilled conch; grilled fish; grilled pork chops; hamburgers; hot dogs; green banana salad and loads of stuff that slip my mind at the time of writing.  This was billed as a family event, and as is evidenced by the photos, it was just that.  It turned out to be an entertaining and fun day made possible by the hard work of the Club Admin committee.
On that day we Connected with people; we Inspired people; we Had Fun, and Celebrated our Diversity.  In an era when we see intolerance and hatred taking root and flourishing, Rotarians have an ever greater responsibility to redouble our work to teach tolerance, remove prejudice and promote peace.  Crime resulting from poverty is different from crime resulting from greed, which is different from crime borne of hate.  As Rotarians we are leaders, we are therefore charged with leading, so let us combine our power of reason and strategy to join forces with those who seek to do good in order to make a difference; to bring peace to our communities - in so doing we bring peace to ourselves and, importantly, to our children.
Join the People of Action as we support the work of OUR Rotary Foundation as we strive to make this world a more peaceful place for our families to live.